How can I see or order a sample of your shutters?

We have a couple options for samples!

1) Sample Kits: $4.99 + shipping
Our Sample Kits include -
-Four 2" x 2"  material samples in pine, cedar, mahogany & composite wood
-Vinyl sample shutter color ring
-Paint options
-Informative pieces to help you make the right decision for your home

You can purchase a sample kit here!

2) 15" x 15" Shutter Sample: $25.00 + shipping
Our 15" x 15" shutter samples can come in the material (pine, cedar, mahogany or composite (not available in vinyl)), style, and finish you are interested in!

You can find these samples at the bottom of this page.

Have a few questions? Email and we will be happy to assist!

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