What do I do if my shutters arrived damaged?

While we try our best to protect our shutters during transit, sometimes damages can still occur. If your order arrives damaged, please complete the claims form found here.

Having the below information readily available can help expedite the claims process:

  1. Pictures of any damaged shutters. We will need at least 1 picture for each damaged shutter.
  2. Pictures of the packaging (boxes or crate) that the damaged shutters arrived in.
  3. Picture(s) of the shipping label(s).
  4. Quantity and specs of the damaged shutter(s). For example: 1 of the 12x36 shutters and 2 of the 14x40 shutters.

We will then assess the damage and determine if a touch-up kit or a remake is needed. Remakes are moved to the front of the line so they can get out ASAP.

If possible and if damage is noticeable upon arrival, please note any damage on the freight bill. This helps expedite the process with freight carriers.

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